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Please use Your feedback for questions to me, I will answer you directly as soon as possible. Thank you. --Nyxos 12:00, 14 Oct 2004 (UTC)

enotif not sent in the language of the recipient[edit]

This is admittedly a design flaw and will be repaired in forthcoming versions.

when enabling disabled enotifs in user preferences: clear flags manually on your watchlist (one click)[edit]

When a user enables one of the basic enotif mail option (enotif for page changes; enotif for user_talk page changes), the eventually existing notification flags are not cleared automatically. This means essentially, that the user does not receive "further" mails - because the flags say, that he "already got an enotif". But this wasn't sent, because the former status was "do not send mails".

Solution: go to your watchlist page and click the button to one-click-clear all notification flags.

email sent out mistakenly when saving a pre-viewed page with zero changes[edit]

Discovered by Chris Phoenix, 25.10.2004

An email is sent out mistakenly, when - no changes were done - user clicks "Show Preview" - user clicks "Save" (instead of Cancel)