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Previous discussion was archived at Extension:Collection/Wishlist/LQT Archive 1 on 2015-07-10.

Includes Notes and references (citations)

Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Notes and references seems to be omitted which are very important in some books. Ideally they should appear in the same way they appear in a Wikipedia article (as links between references and endnotes). If links are tricky, I would accept unlinked numbers (eg. [13]) and endnotes.

Lostraven (talkcontribs)

I too would love to see reference output appear the same as they do in a MediaWiki installation rather than just a URL.

I'm having additional problems too. As it stands right now with version 1.6.1 installed, the only items appearing in "References" are those URLs NOT wrapped by the <ref> and </ref> tags. An example on our wiki: http://www.limswiki.org/index.php?title=Informatics_%28academic_field%29 Only the "Further reading" and "External links" URLs are getting captured under the "References" section of the Collection output. None of the inline references (wrapped in "ref" tags) are being captured.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

According to Book Help, I should be able to Collect articles if I "hover over a link for a few seconds". This does not work for me. I have "Navigation popups" enabled, though disabling it makes no difference. I'm accessing Wikipedia (Vector theme) with MediaWiki 1.24wmf7 (b8870ae) with Collection v. 1.7.0.

Perhaps Wikipedia articles that are part of a book, could have their links styled differently?

Iantresman (talkcontribs)

This now seems to be almost working, the pop-up appears, but is almost illegible (see image).

The green add icon is just visible, but that's about it. Could be just a CSS issue.

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There was an error while attempting to render your book

Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Have just tried generating a 400-page ePub book, but get the error message "There was an error while attempting to render your book". Unfortunately there are no more details provided. Tried it in Firefox and Chrome. In both cases, it reached just over 73% while "generating epubfile" (having successfully completed Fetching and Rendering).

During Fetching, it reached about 90% before changing to Rendering. Could it have missed 10%?

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Category pages available, but not added

Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Wikipedia category pages show the Book creator header, with the option to "Add this category to your book", but on clicking the link, nothing happens. Would be useful.

Iantresman (talkcontribs)

It seems that when you click "Add this category to your book", it adds all the articles in the category, rather than the category page itself. Both are useful.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

On the "Manage your book" page, when I select "Save and share your book" into my user space, my book title and subtitle are not saved. I'm using Wikipedia (Vector theme) with MediaWiki 1.24wmf7 (b8870ae) with Collection v. 1.7.0.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)
  • The list of articles should show article titles with normal links (not the icon in the left column, next to trash).
  • While book articles can be sorted alphabetically, would be nice to be able to sort them manually into my own logical groupings.
Iantresman (talkcontribs)

If I save the book into my account space, I can manually edit the order of the list of articles, by editing the page.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Tables in Wikipedia articles are often too wide for ePub mobiles. Be nice to be able to convert these to single columns (Display td: block). I suspect that this is a css issue.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Don't know if this is a bug, but colour SVG images convert to monochrome thumbs. Clicking on one shows the correct colour version, but often just a segment of entire group of SVG vectors. See for example the Japanese soccer Kits and colours.

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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Images are converted to small thumbnails linked to a larger image. Would be nice to have options to specify:

  • The size of the thumbnail (I'd like much larger ones)
  • Whether to link to a larger image (not necessary of the thumbnail is big enough)
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Iantresman (talkcontribs)

Some articles include external links, and these are helpfully marked with an external link icon. These are lost during the creation of an ePub book, and I suspect other formats too.

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