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This example language file is from it-mate.co.uk. See Extension:Check Spambots for full installation instructions.

Note that many strings listed here are for use by the Spambot Search Tool in standalone installations and are ignored when using the code with MediaWiki or under other extension wrappers.


// **************************************************************
// File: en.php
// Purpose: Contains messages used within the SBST
// Author: MysteryFCM
// Support: http://mysteryfcm.co.uk/?mode=Contact
//	    http://forum.hosts-file.net/viewforum.php?f=68
//	    http://www.temerc.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=71
// Last modified: 23-09-2009
// **************************************************************

// Title
$page_title='SpamBot Search Tool';

// Messages
$main='Enter the e-mail, username or IP you\'d like to check';
$view_main='The following are the spammers I\'ve logged for you';
$Spammer_found='Spammer identified!';
$Spammer_notfound='Nope, it\'s not a spammer';
$nomatches=' No matches found ....';
$ipfound='IP found!';
$emailfound='E-mail found!';
$usernamefound='Username found!';
$dnsblskipped='DNS Blacklist query skipped, IP not specified';
$queryskipped='Query skipped';
$noemailsfound='Thar be nothing in here ....';
$sViewRecordsFrom='View records from: ';

// Links (menu)
$linkview='View Spammers';
$linkviewmail='View E-mail Reports';
$linkhelp='Need Help?';
$linkViewhpHosts='View spammers IP information on hpHosts';
$linktext='Text files';

// Field names (used in view_spammers_mail.php, view_spammers_plain.php, check_spammers.php and index.php)
$fld_BlockedBy='Blocked By';

// Errors
$phpver_error='Incompatable PHP version: '.phpversion().'<br /><br />PHP Version 5 or above is required for this site to work';
$NoXMLAvailable='The SimpleXMLElement class is not available, I can\'t continue ...';
$nofilegetcontents='The file_get_contents function is not available, I can\'t continue ...';
$nocurlorfgc='It appears neither the file_get_contents function or cURL are available, I can\'t continue. I need at least one of these for me to work ...';
$folderdoesnotexist=' does not exist';
$ipnotspecified='IP not specified';
$usernamenotspecified='Username not specified';
$nointernetconnection='You don\'t seem to be connected to the internet. Unless you\'re querying a local database, this isn\'t going to work ...';
$sPHPAPIMissing='You need to enter your <a class="menu" href="http://projecthoneypot.org">Project Honey Pot API Key</a> key before I can query their database (see config.php)';
$sFSLAPIMissing='You need to enter your <a class="menu" href="http://fspamlist.com">fSpamList API Key</a> key before I query their database (see config.php)';
$sFSLAPIError='fSpamlist API Key missing';
$sBSAPIMissing='You need to enter your <a class="menu" href="http://botscout.com">BotScout API Key</a> key before I can query their database (see config.php)';
$nofileputcontents='You\'ve asked me to dump the results to text file, but file_put_contents is not available. Please enable it or disable dumping to a text file';
$nogetheaders='The get_headers() function is required to determine if one of the sites I use is online, but it doesn\'t seem to be available? I can still continue, but I\'d recommend enabling this function to increase accuracy and reduce the possibility of errors.';
$noIMAP='IMAP not available, please install/enable it';
$noMailServer='No mail server is configured';
$noConnection='Can\'t connect:';
$noEmailsFound='No emails found matching my filter';
$noSaveToFile='You\'ve not asked me to save anything';
$NoRecordsFound='No records to display';