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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Page action , Tag
Description Load boilerplate from different pages text when creating new pages
Author(s) klml
Latest version 0.2 (2010-03-24)
MediaWiki 1.7.0+
MediaWiki 1.36 Not formally tested
MediaWiki 1.34 Not formally tested
MediaWiki 1.32 Not formally tested
License GNU General Public License 2.0

Check usage and version matrix.

The Boilerplatefactory extension allows to select different pages as a boilerplate. You can choose from specified categories in an extra Special pages before editing new pages. You can use it to generate huge documents from many small Boilerplates

This Extension offers all Pages from Categories in one Root-Category (default: Category:Boilerplatefactory or change ist in LocalSettings.php) as boilerplates.

Im using:


Be careful with 2 bugs:

  • Only put Categories into Root-Category, no Articles
  • Namespace 0 (Artikle without prefix) will give template without : in {{:Article



  • #Bugs!
  • using POST instead of GET

Nice to have[edit]


The Preloader extension requires MediaWiki 1.7.0 or later.


  1. Download all extension files from github.com and place them in a Boilerplatefactory directory within your MediaWiki extensions directory
  2. Edit LocalSettings.php and add the line require_once( "{$IP}/extensions/Boilerplatefactory/Boilerplatefactory.php" );
    1. $wgBoilerplatefactorycategorie = 'Kategorie:Test' ; root Category for included Categories (default: Category:Boilerplatefactory).
    2. $wgBoilerplatefactorydefaultpage = date( 'ym' ).'.dd_' ; for a Pagename proposal in the new Page

Installation can be verified through the Special:Version page.


Configuration of the boilerplate sources categories is done via the wgBoilerplatefactorycategories configuration variable, which takes the following format:

$wgBoilerplatefactorycategories[ ] = CATEGORY TITLE ;

For instance,

$wgBoilerplatefactorycategories[] = "Category:Outdoorproject";
$wgBoilerplatefactorycategories[] = "Category:Overnightproject";

dictates that these categories are selectable as boilerplate text for pages.

Provides 'optionally a default Pagename:

$wgBoilerplatefactorydefaultpage = defaultname ;
$wgBoilerplatefactorydefaultpage = date( 'Y-m-d' ).'-Projekt';

Provides 'optionally a Namespace:

$wgBoilerplatefactorynamespace = namespace;
$wgBoilerplatefactorynamespace = '104';


You can use some css.

This for doubled column:

#boilerplatefactory div {

See also[edit]