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Manuel des extensions MediaWiki
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État de la version : stable
Implémentation MyWiki , Habillage
Description Ajoute quelques éléments aux URLs personnelles.
Auteur(s) (RV1971discussion)
Dernière version 1.2.1 (2018-12-19)
Politique de compatibilité Versions ponctuelles alignées avec MediaWiki. Le master n'est pas compatible arrière.
MediaWiki 1.30+
PHP 5.4
Licence Licence publique générale GNU v3.0 ou supérieur

  • $wgAddPersonalUrlsTable
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L'extension AddPersonalUrls ajoute des éléments aux URL personnels (les liens qui, dans l'habillage Vector, sont situés près du haut de l'écran). Alors qu'elle est complètement configurable, elle est fournie avec une configuration par défaut qui ajoute ce qui suit :

  • Un lien vers la liste de toutes les sous-pages de la page d'accueil de l'utilisateur.
  • Liens vers les sous-pages Accueil, Favoris, Bac à sable et Notes de la page d'accueil de l'utilisateur.

Au départ, les nouvelles sous-pages sont remplies avec un texte par défaut configurable qui explique leur fonction. Chaque utilisateur peut les modifier en fonctions de ses besoins personnels.


  • Téléchargez et placez le(s) fichier(s) dans un répertoire appelé AddPersonalUrls dans votre dossier extensions/.
  • Ajoutez le code suivant à la fin de votre fichier LocalSettings.php  :
    wfLoadExtension( 'AddPersonalUrls' );
  • Yes Fait – Accédez à Special:Version sur votre wiki pour vérifier que l'extension a bien été installée.


Table des URLs

The additional URLs are defined in extension.json, and you may customize them by overriding or adding items in $wgAddPersonalUrlsTable in your LocalSettings.php. The table is an array where each entry assigns an ID to a (partial) URL as follows:

  • URLs are inserted after the link to the user's home page, in the order in which they appear in the array.
  • Items where the URL is set to NULL are ignored. This allows to deactivate in LocalSettings.php items defined in extension.json.
  • The ID is the name of a system message used to display the link. AddPersonalUrls is shipped with default messages (in the languages de, en, fr and it) for the links in the default $wgAddPersonalUrlsTable.
  • The URL is either a page name (without brackets), optionally followed by a '?' and a query string, or an external link. A URL is recognized an external link if it contains the string '://'. I'm sure you'll find a better way, so please let me know your ideas.
  • The string $username will be replaced with the current username. Note that in LocalSettings.php, you need to write the URL within single quotes to avoid that PHP already interprets $username while processing LocalSettings.php, in which case it would evaluate to an empty string.

The default content of $wgAddPersonalUrlsTable is currently as follows:

$wgAddPersonalUrlsTable = array(
	=> 'Special:PrefixIndex?prefix=$username&namespace=2',
	'addpersonalurls-home' => 'Special:Mypage/Home',
	'addpersonalurls-favorites' => 'Special:Mypage/Favorites',
	'addpersonalurls-sandbox' => 'Special:Mypage/Sandbox',
	'addpersonalurls-notes' => 'Special:Mypage/Notes'


Since the extension defines a lot of messages which are constantly evolving with further development, they are not documented here. Please refer to i18n/qqq.json.

When a personal page does not exist, the URL opens the page for editing, and the content of the system messages ID-preload and addpersonalurls-preload is preloaded. This will also work for any URLs you add, provided that ID is equal to addpersonalurls-subpage_title_in_lowercase.


In the resulting HTML code, each link is wrapped into an <li> element having an id attribute with value pt-ID. This is a feature provided by MediaWiki and allows to format personal URLs individually via CSS.

The AddPersonalUrls extension uses this feature to add icons, taken from the Wikicommons Nuvola icons, to the new links as well as to the existing ones provided by MediaWiki. You can override this with your own CSS.

Notes des versions

These are the release notes for version 1.2.1. See Extension:AddPersonalUrls/History for older releases.

Modifcations de la configuration

Allow to deactivate in $wgAddPersonalUrlsTable items predefined in extension.json.