EventStreams/Blog - Call For Entries


Do you geek out about visualizing real-time data? EventStreams is a new service that exposes streams of event data from all Wikimedia projects. We'd like to write a blog post to announce this service, but that blog post would look way snazzier if we could include some awesome new visualizations or demos of this service. So! We need your help!

1. Build something cool[edit]

Build an application or a visualization based on this data. What can you do with it? Right now, we just have the RecentChanges feed available. Your application could be something brand new, or a simple port of an RCStream based service.

Check out the EventStreams documentation for usage instructions and examples.

2. Submit your contribution[edit]

Show us what you've built: send your entry (URL, github, zipfile, or whatever) and a description to by March 8, 2017 (a source repository will get you extra points). We'll select the best entry (or entries!) and feature it on a post on the Wikimedia Foundation blog officially announcing this service.

3. More event data[edit]

We'd like to expose more data via EventStreams, especially if there is a demand for it. You can chime in with new proposals on this EventStreams talk page.