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This page contains a list of the projects the Editing Team has worked on across time.

Current Project[edit]

Talk Pages Project[edit]

The Talk pages project is an effort to make it easier for volunteers, across experience levels, to communicate with one another on Wikipedia by introducing new communication features for wikitext talk pages and evolving how they appear.

This project is the result of the Talk pages consultation 2019, a 5-month long effort that brought volunteers from 20 wikis together with staff from the Wikimedia Foundation to define a product direction for building better tools for on-wiki communication. This product direction was documented in Phase 2 of the Talk Pages Consultation.

Edit check[edit]

Edit check is a project to increase the likelihood that people who are new and motivated to contribute content and perspectives that are underrepresented within large language Wikipedias like English and French make changes that they feel good about and that existing community members value.

Completed Projects[edit]

VisualEditor on mobile[edit]

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2017 wikitext editor[edit]

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Visual diffs[edit]

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WikiEditor (aka 2010 wikitext editor)[edit]

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