Annual Goals: Program 4, Goal 3, Program 4, Goal 1, Objective 2

Objective: Provide an edit-review process suited to the needs of new contributors, who, research shows, are particularly vulnerable to rejection, especially by powerful edit-review programs. In so doing, improve efficiency of vandalism fighters, welcomers and all edit reviewers.

Outputs: As a beta feature, add ORES good-faith and damaging tests to the Special:Recent Changes page along with a new-user filter, an optimized ORES data display system and a new filtering UI. Extending this, make progress toward a feed augmented with ORES scores and other data and intended to facilitate development of mobile and other edit-review tools.


  • Reviewers will gain insight into contributors’ intentions generally and will, in particular, be able to identify damaging but good-faith edits by new users.
  • By launching the new features as beta, we will gain useful information about user response to the tools and new workflow generally.


  • Support from the Analytics team as we build on their new EventBus, Kasocki and Public Event Streams infrastructure, some parts of which are still being developed
  • Support from the Research team as we work with ORES
  • User testing of the RC page enhancements, by the Editing Design team.
  • Community liaisons


Annual Goals: Program 4, Goal 3, Objective 1

Objective: Content Translation Task List feature: create a personal task list

Outputs: New interface elements on the dashboard to allow creating a list of articles to be translated.

Outcomes: A user can create a list of articles to be translated, add articles to it, and see it in their own dashboard. This is the first step to the wider campaigns feature, which in the future will included collaborative work and collecting statistics


Annual Goals: Program 4, Goal 1, Objective 2, Program 4, Goal 2, Objective 2

Objective: Media files have rich annotations — Extend work to improve technical architecture

Outputs: Continue our work on the FileAnnotations extension in Q1, working on integrating with the forthcoming multi-content revision system that should allow annotations to be stored and used more readily in different contexts.

Outcomes: Users are supplied with relevant data, tags and other information as they see media files.

Dependencies: WMDE's Multi-Content Revision Streams work, Operations (DBA in particular)


Annual Plan: Program 4, Goal 2, Objective 1

Objective: Remove Tidy dependency from MediaWiki output — Test deploy of Tidy replacement service

Outputs: Tidy replacement service deployed in production, but not enabled by default. ParserMigration extension deployed in production and enabled.

Outcomes: Editors can compare output of a page with Tidy and with its replacement service. This will let editors fix up wikitext in templates where there are egregious rendering issues OR submit bug reports where the problem is with the Tidy replacement service.

Dependencies: Operations, Security, Community Liaisons

UI Standardization[edit]

Annual Plan: Program 4, Goal 2

Objective: Apply and refine the style guide

Outputs: Apply and refine the overhauled style guidelines in current Editing products. Also starting core application.

Outcomes: Unified, easier-to-use interface and time-saving front-end implementation due to guidelines and variables.

Dependencies: Design Research, Editing Design, Editing front-end engineers, TPG


Annual Plan: Program 4, Goal 1, Objective 1

Objective: New Wikitext Editor — Iterate the Beta Feature based on user feedback

Outputs: The Beta Feature of the new wikitext editor, designed like the visual editor, integrated into its workflow, and with all its tools, is extended with additional tools like auto-saved drafts and ready for initial roll-out to wikis on desktop and mobile.

Outcomes: Users can have a unified, consistent editing interface between mobile and desktop Web, and between visual and wikitext editors.

Dependencies: Editing Design, Community Liaisons, Parsing