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Started drafting: Ideas on talkpage of this topic please.

Intension To make a Glossary on Growth team page a unique page, and it serve be an inventory of words/jargons for translation as well as those keen to join the effort.

Note: Mind Glossaries are provided on other namespaces across projects already, but we need a condensed word list we will use for Newcomer topics instead.


Note: Copied from the original dated 27 April 2019.

There are many terms that sound similar and can be confusing. This section defines each of them.

"Main page"
Currently exists. The page you get while visiting https://XY.wikipedia.org/. It displays the main page of the wiki (e.g. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipédia:Accueil_principal)
"User page"
Currently exists at User:Yourname. Many users build user pages that behave like home pages, dashboards, or profile pages.
"Homepage" or "dashboard"
Does not exist. This is the thing we're building in this project. Contains information and tools for the newcomer to consume.
"Profile page"
Does not exist. Like a user page but structured. Photo, name, interests, things users want to say to the outside world.
An important distinction between a "homepage" and a "profile page" is that a "homepage" contains tools and resources a user needs to consume, whereas a "profile page" contains content that the user wants to broadcast out to others. Many software platforms mix those concepts into one page, but we are going to start out simply by working on a homepage and keeping the concepts separate.