Discovery/Status updates/2018-07-09


This is the weekly update for the weeks starting 2018-07-02 and 2018-07-09



  • David and Stas worked on fine tuning of search configs to mediawiki-config for Wikidata [1]
  • Stas and Addshore helped to catch and clean up some bad lookups and report them properly [2]
  • A "Wrong document type" error was corrected by Erik by fixing Sanitizer MetaStore integration [3]
  • Erik worked on tracking queries that run on the Elastic Search clusters longer than both server side and client side timeouts by fixing some slow logging functionality [4]
  • There was a Meta-wiki error where search suggests non-existent title due to namespace/redirect mixup. Erik's note: "it's a bit awkward, but typing Help:Glo into autocomplete on metawiki suggests 'Global Account' from the main namespace, and selecting it takes you to Help:Unified login" [5]
  • In order to dispatch queries to a particular search setup (cirrus defaults vs wikibase custom query builder), David created a flexible way to classify queries, meant to replace the 'getSyntaxUsed' approach currently in SearchContext. [6]
  • Trey and a community volunteer, Athena, created a basic Mirandese analysis chain. It was tested on RelForge and pushed into production this week [7]. Trey kicked off, completed and tested the re-indexing of the Mirandese Wikis [8].
  • The Re-Re-Index of the Serbian Wikis after refactored plugins were deployed has been completed [9] and the re-index of the Croatian, Serbo-Croatian, and Bosnian Wikis was also done [10]
  • We currently mix a tiny number of namespace documents into the regular indices, which seems inefficient; so Erik built a unified namespace index [11]
  • Erik updated the 'OtherIndex' to operate on a cluster other than the one holding the wiki [12]
  • Trey updated a variety of things on the Analysis Tools with lots little fixes and improvements as well as a few small errors in the analysis code that conflated post-analysis types and pre-analysis types [13]

Did you know?[edit]

  • The period of this status update includes Friday, July 13, 2018. The fear of the number thirteen is called "triskaidekaphobia" [14]. There are two words for fear of Friday the 13th: "paraskavedekatriaphobia" [15] and "friggatriskaidekaphobia" [16]—the first maintains a consistent etymology with the Greek word for Friday, "Paraskeví", while the second invokes "Frigg", the Norse Goddess after whom Friday is named in English.