Discovery/Status updates/2017-07-17


This is the weekly update for the week starting 2017-07-17


  • Quarterly Review check-in's were presented this week (links forthcoming).


  • Had a good conversation on how we want to do an upcoming A/B test to have search results interleaved (task T150032)
  • Also had a really interesting conversation on how we should move forward with metrics and KPIs for the Search Platform and Discovery.


  • After extensive help and feedback from the Japanese Wikipedia community, we decided not to deploy the new Japanese language analyzer. (T166731)
  • After testing and analysis, we are not going to deploy the Vietnamese language analyzer (task T170423)
  • Did some quick analysis of the RelForge impact of initial learning-to-rank model (task T169103)
  • Completed a high level task of organizing necessary adjustments to the ElasticsSearch learning-to-rank plugin(task T162062)
  • Updated the Wikidata code to take advantage of nested fields noop script (task T166589)
  • Analyzing the new Kuromoji Japanese language analyzer is done, just waiting to merge the updated configuration (task T166731#3439190)
  • A/B test for the new search results Explore Similar feature continues (task T149809) after fixing a minor bug
  • Fixed a mapping bug when using text for 'did you mean' suggestions (task T155489)
  • Updated the 'cirrussearch-explore-similar-languages-none' message to be more meaningful (will be deployed the week of July 25, 2017) (task T169302)




  • A usage policy was recently changed for the relief data layer that we use in maps to now require an API key; a key was procured and Max S helped us get it into production. This only effected maps on Wikivoyage. (task T170976)