Developer Portal/Contribute


This page provides information about how to contribute to the Developer Portal.

Propose content changes[edit]

Please propose content additions or content changes in a Phabricator task. (Learn more about Phabricator.)

We would like to keep content on the portal limited. Pages should not duplicate other pages. Pages must be high quality and helpful. Please be aware of the user journeys. Pages which are proposed to be linked must follow the documentation guide for accuracy and consistency.

The proposed changes will be reviewed by the Tech Docs team.

Textual content is licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

Propose code changes[edit]

Before submitting a change to the Developer Portal codebase, please open a task in Phabricator to get feedback on your plans.

To submit a code change:

  1. Set up your access to Wikimedia Gerrit.
  2. Set up your local development environment for the Developer Portal, and make the changes.
    Your patch should not change any files in data/locale other than the files in data/locale/en. Local files in languages other than English are updated through the Developer Portal's integration with
  3. Follow the commit message guidelines and the Gerrit tutorial to submit your change. The proposed changes will be reviewed by the Tech Docs team.
    If you see a test failure on your patch in Gerrit, make sure you have built the site to ensure that your changes are correctly reflected in the translation files.

Code is licensed under GNU GPL version 3 or later.

Translate content to your language[edit]

Please translate content on Your translations will be regularly merged into the codebase automatically. After a while, the latest codebase will be deployed on and translations will be available to anyone visiting the website.