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The Design Systems Team is planning a special Developer Summit for all Wikimedia Foundation and Wikimedia Deutschland employees involved in designing and architecting for and writing Vue.js code across our various projects. By learning from one another’s work and collaboratively brainstorming, we will arrive at a shared understanding of best practices that can guide us going forward. A preceding Design Workshop will provide an opportunity for designers across teams to resolve design system architecture questions and prepare technical requests and requirements to the Developer Summit.


Developer Summit: August 10th–12th, 2021 14:00-17:00 UTC

Design Workshop: August 3rd & 4th, 2021 14:00-16:50 UTC

More info on the Designer Workshop


Developer Summit: Wikimedia Foundation and WMDE staff who are involved in writing Vue.js code across our projects is strongly encouraged to attend. Other staff members who are interested in front-end development and design are also welcome. Past Vue experience is not required.


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Vue.js Developer Summit 2021 RSVP
Name UserID
Eric Gardner
Anne Tomasevich
Roan Kattouw
Volker E.
Trent Hand
Alex Hollender
Rita Ho
Joseph Seddon
Cooltey Feng
Santhosh Thottingal
Kevin Bazira
Nik Gkountas
Abijeet Patro
Bernard Wang
Nick Ray
Huei Tan
Stephane Bisson
Eduardo Medina
Dan Andreescu
Francisco Dans
Jon Robson
Joaquin Oltra Hernandez
Mew Ophaswongse
Wendy Quarshie
Thomas Chin
Lindsay Wardell
Susana Cárdenas Molinar
Genoveva Galarza
Jeena Huneidi
Niharika Kohli
Jean-René Branaa
Bartosz Dziewoński
Clare Ming
Monte Hurd
Aisha Khatun
Razzi Abuissa
Kara Payne
Matthew Williams
Adam Shorland
Amir Sarabadani
Dat Nguyen
Guergana Tzatchkova
Itamar Givon
Jakob Warkotsch
Leszek Manicki
Conny Kawohl
Lucas Werkmeister
Michael Grosse
Perside Rosalie Mondjo Tchelibou
Silvan Heintze
Thomas Arrow
Tobias Andersson
Tonina Zhelyazkova
Sarai Sanchez
Tsepo Thoabala
David Chilcott
Dennis Mburugu
Kosta Harlan
Svantje Lilienthal
Dana Bredemeyer

Summit Schedule[edit]

Please feel free to attend only the sessions relevant to you, although we would encourage at least one representative from each product team/organization at each session.

Vue.js Developer Summit 2021
Aug 10, 2021 Aug 11, 2021 Aug 12, 2021
Re-vue of work Key decisions part 1 Key decisions part 2
14:00 - 14:50 UTC Session 1: Introductions and summit overview

Introduce the hosts and participants, review summit goals and structure.

See T286946

Session 1: Vue major version and IE support

Discuss when and how to move to Vue 3, which is dependent on dropping IE support.

See T286948 and T286947

Session 1: Building and distributing the shared component library

Come to decisions on which build tool to use in the shared library, how to bundle and deliver the library, and tools to include like TypeScript and Storybook.

See T286950 and T286949

14:50 - 15:00 UTC Break Break Break
15:00 - 15:50 UTC Session 2: Project show and tell

Product team representatives demo their past Vue projects. Sign up for a demo slot in the table below.

Session 2: Shared component library governance

Discuss path forward to a single shared Vue component library.

See T286953

Session 2: CSS architecture

Make decisions around CSS architecture, including design token strategy and CSS preprocessor. Discuss other topics related to styles, like utility classes and style distribution and scoping.

See T286951

15:50 - 16:00 UTC Break Break Break
16:00 - 17:00 UTC Session 3: Vue retrospective

Retrospective on Vue work so far: what's gone well, what we could do differently, and what we've learned.

Session 3: Emerging topics and wrap-up

Discuss any emerging topics from earlier sessions. Note: if there's time, we may start the CSS architecture discussion to hear from WMDE, since they won't be present on day 3.

Session 3: Emerging topics and wrap-up

Discuss any emerging topics from earlier sessions, review decisions made during the summit, and review path forward for unresolved decisions and future work.

Vue project demos[edit]

For Day 1 Session 2, we encourage representatives from product teams to prepare a short explanation and demo of their past Vue projects, especially those within MediaWiki. If you'd like to present, please sign up below.

Project demos
Name Team Project
Eric Gardner Structured Data Commons MediaSearch
Francisco Dans / Dan Andreescu Data Engineering Wikimedia Statistics
Santhosh Thottingal Language Section Translation
Jakob Warkotsch Wikidata/Wikibase (WMDE) Mobile Termbox
Sarai Sanchez / Michael Große Wikidata/Wikibase (WMDE) Query Builder
Lindsay Wardell Abstract Wikipedia Wikifunctions


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