Deployment tooling/Cabal/2017-03-20



Current Release[edit]

  • Prod: 3.5.3-1
  • Beta: 3.5.0-1~20170317215706.103 (2017-03-17)

Next release[edit]

  • Compute git tags for all scap syncs
  • New locking module
  • Allow reloading rather than restarting service
    • Add flag for --service-reload immediate use-case eventlogging kafka

On the radar/Next/blocking[edit]

Order in which things are most likely to happen:

Random simple tasks[edit]

Soon™/Wishlist/On the radar/Updates[edit]

  • Service migration questions
    • cassandra/logstash-logback-encoder
    • cassandra/metrics-collector
    • restbase/deploy
  • librenms/servermon

As Always[edit]