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Data³ is an Engineering Productivity initiative focused on the transformation of software engineering data into actionable information that is accessible by Foundation staff and the broader technical community alike.

Many of the tools/systems that we use today generate a lot of data. Unfortunately, much of that data is not accessible to those that don't have an in-depth working knowledge of the tools/systems in question. The Data³ initiative was created to help eliminate that barrier.

The vision is to have a simple means in which to consume and visualize data from the many disparate systems in a way that allows for the critical analysis of potentially correlated data.

Current Efforts[edit]

Currently the Data³ initiative is primarily supported through the direct efforts of the Engineering Productivity team and a number of key stakeholders from other Wikimedia teams. If you'd like to participate in this initiative, please let us know in the #talk-to-engineering-productivity Slack channel.

Person Team sRACI
Jean-Rene Branaa Engineering Manager - Quality and Test Engineering A
Tyler Cipriani Engineering Manager - Release Engineering A
Will Doran Senior Engineering Manager - Platform Engineering Team C
Greg Grossmeier Director - Engineering Productivity S
Monte Hurd Software Engineer in Test - Quality and Test Engineering R
Mukunda Modell Software Engineer - Release Engineering R
Naïké Nzali Senior Project Manager - Enterprise Team C

Below are some of the key activities associated with this initiative. Addition details can be found in Phabricator. We've created a Metric Dictionary as means to collect and define desired metrics.

Activity Description Status Notes
Cycle Time POC Using the Cycle Time metric, this effort is focused on developing a proof of concept for the underlying tooling. In-Progress There is now a Metrics Dashboard prototype available for early adopters to explore the data.
Defect Escape Rate Implement the Defect Escape Rate metric. Investigating
Develop personas Develop a better understanding of needs/requirements through the creation of personas. In-Progress