Content translation/V2/Representative wikis


Content Translation version 2 has the goal of provide a more solid tool and make translation a great way to start contributing to Wikipedia for new editors. To facilitate tracking the impact of our efforts towards those goals, we've selected a small set of representative wikis.

Criteria for selection[edit]

  • Significant number of newcomers. We want to focus on wikis that have a significant influx of new editors, since that would give a big enough userbase to check how well we serve their needs with the new version of Content Translation.
    • Selection criteria: Monthly new active editors > 80.
  • Good opportunities to create local content. We want potential content to be available for creation. There should be a content gap of millions of articles with the big wikis to be filled.
    • Selection criteria: Content pages < 2,000,000.
  • Focus on Wikipedia. Although translation can be useful in many projects, Content Translation is only available on Wikipedia where we want to focus before analysng the particularities of supporting other projects.
    • Selection criteria: Project code = wikipedia
  • Multilingual users and adoption of translation as a way to contribution. We want to target wikis with a good amount of multilingual users (especially when they can translate from wikis with many articles), and where translation is an accepted and frequent way to contribute.
    • Selection criteria: Articles created with Content Translation > 7,000
  • Knowledge about new editor challenges. The research on new editor experiences highlighted challenges of editors of mid-size wikipedias that we are considering for improving Content Translation. The selected wikis for the study seem relevant also to the present work.
    • Selection criteria: Include Czech and Korean Wikipedias.

The list of target wikis[edit]

The wiki segmentation spreadsheet has been used to filter wikis based on the above criteria, for multilingual information the Content Translation analytics have been used as a reference. The list of wikis is shown below:

Code Wiki Monthly new active editors 2nd-month new editor retention Content pages CX translated pages
ar Arabic Wikipedia 247 3.8% 582,090 12,606
ca Catalan Wikipedia 68 8.7% 583,918 27,442
cs Czech Wikipedia 82 6.8% 408,101 2,571
fr French Wikipedia 783 6.9% 1,996,841 27,541
he Hebrew Wikipedia 130 9.4% 226,472 7,562
it Italian Wikipedia 355 7.8% 1,446,166 9,813
ko Korean Wikipedia 177 7.3% 420,433 3,124
pt Portuguese Wikipedia 333 4.6% 1,001,522 13,632
ru Russian Wikipedia 496 6.3% 1,480,816 14,458
es Spanish Wikipedia 1,020 4.2% 1,426,356 38,463
ta Tamil Wikipedia 78 8.5% 117,124 8,417
uk Ukrainian Wikipedia 172 7.7% 798,524 16,711