Content translation/Deployment Plan/Current Status/Archive September2014



30/09/2014 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • Followup with team for CXServer Beta updates issue (old code, can't update without mt.service variable)
  • Follow up with Alex for new project creation.
  • Upstart issues with apertium-apy (WIP)
  • Rebuilt package against trusty; up for reviews.

29/09/2014 (Monday)[edit]

  • Branch push issues in all repositories are fixed.
  • Code to apertium/apertium-es-ca/cg3/lttoolbox is pushed.
  • 8 new projects are being created by Alex.
  • Apertium-APY work continue in ground.

26/09/2014 (Friday)[edit]

  • Continuous work on Apertium-APY and other language pairs based upon upstream packaging efforts (by Tino).
  • TODO: Fix other branch push issue.

25/09/2014 (Thursday)[edit]

  • Packaging:
  • Follow up with Alex for Gerrit other branch push issues for packaging (master/upstream/pristine-tar)
  • Follow up with Tino for Packaging and issues related to pcre patch in Apertium/lttoolbox.
  • TODO: Updated wikitech document for above issue.

24/09/2014 (Wednesday)[edit]

  • Packaging Apertium:
    • Uploaded lttoolbox/apertium/cg3 to Debian experimental.
    • Started packaging Apertium-APY and language paris.
    • Fixing git review issues with operations/debs/ repo with Alex.
  • Santhosh pointed that we need more CPU/RAM than current Labs instance for Apertium service. Asked Alex to provide large instance at deployment-apertium01.eqiad.wmflabs
  • Followup with Alolita.

23/09/2014 (Tuesday)[edit]

  • Work on Apertium packaging continue (lttoolbox, apertium)
  • Alex created needed projects at, operations/debs/...
  • Alolita to follow up with Mark.
  • #4552: Apertium Puppet work scheduled.
  • Co-ordination with Tino continue.

22/09/2014 (Monday)[edit]

  • Apertium packaging:
    • Apertium/cg3/lttoolbox
    • Also read more about WMF's Python packaging notes.
    • Co-ordination with Tino for Debian packaging issues. All fixed in Debian.
  • Beta updates:
    • Alex: deployment-apertium01.eqiad.wmflabs is ready to serve.
    • Labs/Beta client configs are updated (Niklas, Kartik).
  • Followups with Alex.
  • WIP: Apertium Puppet module.

19/09/2014 (Friday)[edit]

18/09/2014 (Thursday)[edit]

  • Meeting with Alex K.
    • Discussed:
      • Current status in Beta cluster with Content Translation.
      • Why we need Apertium as service?
      • Questions from Alex about:
        • What will be situation with Google/Bing in future?
          • Google/Bing will have agreement on API uptime and reliability with us if we opt for such service in future. This will make sure that we're not affected.
        • How frequent Apertium service will be updated?
          • We will have mostly update on Apertium language pairs once in a month, which are data packages. Core Apertium packages will be only updated upon critical bugs found in upstream bug tracker. Any bug from Wikimedia dev/user will be track at Apertium upstream bug tracker.
  • Blockers from LE team:
    • Apertium need to run as service before we go ahead with deployment.
  • Blockers from Ops:
    • Ops running tight with server allocation.
  • Action items:
    • Kartik will start working with Alex for setting up Debian repositories in WMF.
    • Kartik will start work on packages and pushing them to Debian repositories.
    • Alex will provide machine in Beta cluster when Packaging is done (in a week).
    • Kartik/Niklas will start working on Apertium Puppetizing with Alex.
    • Alex will talk to Mark about production server estimate date.
    • Alolita to setup meeting with Mark/Ops.
    • Kartik will document everything that comes under the hood of Apertium/Puppet/Repository and CX deployment process!
  • ETAs:
    • Beta cluster machine for Apertium service: 1 week after Packaging.
    • Production server: 3 to 4 weeks.
    • Update Deployment plan document with daily updates.