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The Community Tech team is focused on meeting the needs of active Wikimedia editors for improved, expert-focused curation and moderation tools. The creation of the Community Tech team is a direct outcome of requests from core contributors for improved support for moderation tools, bots, and the other features that help the Wikimedia projects succeed. The team will work closely with the community, and the Community Engagement department, to define their roadmap and deliverables.

For the most up-to-date information on the team, see Community Tech and Community Tech/News on Meta.



The team will mainly work on small development tasks that can be iterated on quickly and that will have a direct benefit for the core community.

Tasks that would be in scope could include:

  • Creating gadgets, bots, and wizards to streamline existing community workflows
  • Modifying existing gadgets and bots so that they can work across multiple projects
  • Converting heavily-used gadgets and user-scripts into MediaWiki extensions
  • Building article curation and monitoring tools for WikiProjects
  • Identifying and fixing issues with critical power-user tools that have already been developed, but are not actively maintained, such as AbuseFilter or Citation bot
  • Creating better documentation for power-user tools and features so that they can be better utilized across all projects

Tasks that will not be in scope will include:

  • Maintaining orphaned/abandoned projects from other WMF teams. The rest of engineering must continue to appropriately resource ongoing maintenance of products and features they create.
  • Supporting Community Engagement or other internal WMF teams. If those teams need tools or other software development, they need to be resourced separately (as occurs for Fundraising).
  • Large, long-term development projects like converting Commons to use structured meta-data or creating an entirely new watchlist interface
  • Being the point of contact for all community tech requests. This team will focus on the core community and the tools they need to improve their workflows. Other WMF Engineering teams—or WMF Engineering as a whole—need to consider how they want to address the needs of the overall community (including new and casual editors).
  • Sysadmin type tasks such as managing Tool Labs, improving site performance, managing IRC channels, etc.

Core community[edit]

For the purposes of this team, the "core community" will be defined as those editors who participate in the curatorial and administrative layers of the Wikimedia projects, as well as editors who work on technical features for the projects such as templates, modules, gadgets, user scripts, and bots. For surveys or user metrics, these users can be identified as those who edit in non-content namespaces such as Project, MediaWiki, Template, Category, Portal, Module, etc. as well as the most prolific editors in the content namespaces.

Team retrospectives[edit]