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Attendees: Kosta, Zeljko, Guillaume, JR

* Goals for Q4

** Internal hosting of SQ/C is premature at this point.  Focus should be on things that provide more value to developers.  Internal hosting is more of a policy decision.  

** Reporting is the part that we haven't fully worked out.  Integration into Jenkins

*** Existing plugins vs custom

** Get feedback from developers

*** Need to improve reporting prior to soliciting feedback.

*** Might make sense to move this out of non-experimental into non-voting

** Getting more repos using SonarQube in non-experimental.

*** Outside of addressing some of the Code Coverage work, this is mostly a socialization task (getting teams to want this)

* Code coverage jobs need to trigger prior to SonarQube analysis as SQ requires the data to be available when it executes.

** Coverage data persistence is something to address (how and where can SQ get the coverage data).

* Once patch is merged, all extensions will be able to run SQ using a default properties file with no effort on their part outside of triggering an experimental job.