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Attendees: Kosta, Zeljko, Guillaume, JR

* Kosta:  Some of the conversations that he's had with other engineers has brought up questions about how SonarCube is different than what we already have.

** General consensus is that SonarCube is a step in the direction of consolidation.  Iniially it may not provide metric data that isn't already available in other ways, but as we expand our pool of metrics and languages supported, the benefits will become more evident.  In addition, there will be a common approach to imlementing quality gates and dashboards.  

* Kosta: added some additional tasks that he wants to work on.  One around a properties files that will make it easier for others to test SC.  

* Kosta: still have an open issue of getting code coverage data imported into SC.  Seems like a bug that needs to be addressed upstream.  

* Zeljko:  Will be working more on this this week.  

* JR: When I look back on to why we started this work, it's really about visibilty into the code health metrics.  There may be a lot of good data currently being generated, but it's not easily accessible or very visible.  At a minimum by then end of this work, we will have code health metric data that is visibile, valualbe, and accessible.  

* Guillaume:  If we want to address the visibility concerns of SC, we should work on getting things back into Gerrit.  

** Zeljko will have some time next week to work on this, Kosta might be able to work a bit on this this week.