Code Health/Code Health Hub


The Code Health Hub Wiki is the hub for all activities Code Health. The goal of this page is to help raise awareness of all the various Code Health related activities happening with a desire to inspire others to get involved in improving the health of MediaWiki's code base.


The follow is a list of code health initiatives currently in progress.

Title Description More Info
Developer Education (Aka: DevEd) Is an initiative focused on creating Code Health oriented educational resources for developers. Code Health Group/projects/DevEd
Code Stewardship This initiative is working towards ensuring that all code deployed to WMF production has a Code Steward. Code Stewardship
Code Health Metrics The Code Health Metrics initiative is working towards the creation of metrics that can be used to measure code health.   This initiative looks to also define the tooling necessary to collect those metrics.   Code Health Group/projects/Code Health Metrics
Data^3 (Data Cubed) Data^3 is a foundational initiative that is focused on creating the necessary infrastructure to collect, report, and analyze engineering data.

Code Health Objectives (CHOs)[edit]

The following are objectives that have been identified by various Code Stewards. Although the focus of these objectives are the improvement of code deployed to WMF production, they need not be limited to that.

Title Description Code Steward/Contact Status More Info
Code Steward: Platform Engineering

Contact: Will Doran


Statuses: Active, Completed, Paused, Abandoned