Change the name of the wiki


It is possible to change the name of your wiki post-installation using the steps below.

Basic name change[edit]

The basic name used for the wiki is determined by $wgSitename , defined in LocalSettings.php . Edit this to change the basic name, for instance:

#$wgSitename = 'MyWiki';
$wgSitename = 'YourWiki';

Project namespace[edit]

The project namespace can also be modified post-install. By default, this is the value of $wgSitename, although you could choose a shorter or different name. To do this, override the value of $wgMetaNamespace in LocalSettings.php, for instance:

$wgMetaNamespace = 'YourWiki';


The tagline can be edited either in the language files, or through the MediaWiki namespace . Using the latter method, the edit MediaWiki:Tagline and amend the existing text as required.

Editing the MediaWiki namespace will only have an effect if $wgUseDatabaseMessages is set to true. This is the default.