Asynchronous Wikis/Asyncwiki Working Group/May 8th 2018

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NASA grant proposal for MABS.pdf
  • Daren
  • Mark
  • David
What is the difference between Kiwix and Wikifundi?[edit]

Kiwix server:

Just static pages that are read only.


A mediawiki install that allows you to make edits to things that had been static. One can then bring the edits back to a regular internet connection and submit them to the master wiki. “Synchronizing” is really just cut and paste at the moment.

Mark’s Git ideas:

Git can work inside wikifundi. There can be a single page thar transmits only the changes made since the last transmission.

Some things to overcome:

Attribution is key to maintain. We can’t have one user submitting all the changes from one location. We should have the users at those locations included in the edits and discussions

One solution: name spaces could prefer specific users from specific locations.

We probably want to show the user who originally made an edit and the user who resolved the conflict through git.

  • Mark and David will work on a rapid grant for Mark’s Git proof of concept