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Option 1: Feedback - A new design for Version 5 of the Article Feedback Tool

This page lists useful links for the Article Feedback Tool Version 5 (AFT V5).

See also: project overview page, feature requirements page, interactive prototype, as well as technical design page, data and metrics plan and our live metrics dashboard.

Sample Pages[edit]

Here are some sample pages on English Encyclopedia - showing the Article Feedback Tool in action:

Overview and Reports[edit]

Project Timeline and Schedule[edit]

  • AFT5 Timeline (a spreadsheet which shows the whole AFTv5 timeline at a glance)
  • AFT5 Schedule (a document that lists all tasks on a week-by-week basis)

Community links[edit]

Metrics links[edit]

Development links[edit]

Bugs & Feature Requests on Bugzilla:


Feedback page on prototype:

Feedback forms on prototype:

English Encyclopedia - Sample Golden-crowned Sparrow page:

English Encyclopedia - Controversial Obama page:

English Encyclopedia - Non-controversial Drew Barrymore page

Other development links: