Architecture committee/2015-06-03


People present: Brion, Daniel, Gabriel, Roan, S, Tim

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Pending action items[edit]

Everyone please decline the meeting in GCal if you're not attending.

RFCs to triage[edit]

phab:tag/mediawiki-rfcs/ (3 in Inbox)

  • the Pywikibot RFC is up to them, removed the tag
  • Create a proper command-line runner for MediaWiki maintenance tasks phab:T99268
    • Schedule
  • pywikipediabot Compat deprecation phab:T99365
    • Remove MW RFC project
  • Gabriel: maybe retry/timeout RFCs the week after: phab:T97204, phab:T97206

IRC meeting scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]

- none-

Next week[edit]

  • Create a proper command-line runner for MediaWiki maintenance tasks phab:T99268

Other business[edit]

Priorities phab:T96903 , two clusters more ready than others: 1. content 2. modularity, SOA, interfaces,

  • with content split out to phab:T99088
  • also Daniel's
    • on wiki: Architecture_Roadmap_June_2015
    • "roadmap" is misleading. "focus" or "topics", perhaps?
    • "we" in the document is supposed to refer to MW developers in general, not the ArchCom
  • Gabriel: should we have a working group? For example we have no representation from Reading here.
  • Brion: yes, makes sense to have a content model working group
  • Daniel: I would like to work on multiple content, that enables a lot of things and is immediately useful
  • Gabriel: challenges: what is revision, what appears on ?action=history page
  • Daniel: action=history is probably a separate RFC
  • Daniel: should we put this all together and publish a priorities document?
  • Gabriel: no, we should make a priority list, but projects don't have to be fully described, leave that up to the working committees , leans toward doing it in Phabricator
  • Brion "this document" produces specific actionable RFCs.
  • Gabriel: shall we set up a sprint next week, to merge the documents and set up communication
  • Daniel: Should content model and service objects be separate working groups? Some overlap...
    • focus on content, announce modularity and services is next up.

Gabriel: Code responsibilities document: James sent around e-mail "Confirming each vertical's responsibilities" in addition to Trevor's Mysterious module owners document, it's not Developers/Maintainers but

  • need to identify responsible group as well as a person

Gabriel: re: governance, steal ideas from

  • a core team focusing on driving the over-arching direction, priorities and coordination, and delegating more focused work to sub-teams
  • see phab:T89907

May 20 ArchCom meeting proposed dicsussing this RFC:

  • Automatically tag edits that make a redirect, that converts a redirected page to a normal page, moves across namespaces and others phab:T73236

New action items[edit]

  • Gabriel: schedule sprint to polish the API Priorities / invitation to the content WG, then communicate it
  • Gabriel: forward / respond to James'/Rob's email/document about responsibilities.
    • someone: create #ArchCom task to publish area owners from this.