Architecture committee/2014-11-19


People present: Mark, Brion, Tim, Roan, Daniel

Pending action items[edit]

  • brion: flesh out Graph rfc w/ Yuri
  • Tim to write RFC on merging enhanced recentchanges with normal RC
  • Tim to Import all RFCs into phabricator
  • Gather topics for Arch Summit
  • Mark will ask Toby about Requests_for_comment/Media_file_request_counts

RFCs to triage[edit]

RFC scheduling[edit]

This week[edit]


Since Adam Wight is on vacation and asked for the Workflow RFC to be scheduled for discussion in January. Max asked for "Text extraction" to be scheduled instead of "Minifier".

Next week[edit]

Other business[edit]

New action items[edit]

  • Mark will write email to Erik Z
  • Mark will ask Robla about agenda syncup
  • Brion will check in with Damon next week about misc stuff and try to syncup on agenda stuff as well