Architecture committee/2014-10-15

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People present: Brion, Tim, Mark, Roan, Daniel, Quim

Pending action items[edit]

RFCs to triage[edit]

RFC scheduling[edit]

Today (Oct 15)[edit]

Next week (Oct 23)[edit]

  • Scoped language converter? cscott is on vacation this week but back on Monday
  • HTML templating library (brion/roan/FSG -> finalize rfc)

Other business[edit]

  • some agreement with idea of dropping IE 6 SSL support due to security issues (?) -> weigh in on the ops thread as needed

New action items[edit]

  • Roan to tell FSG meeting that they should update template RFC with their recommendation so ArchCom can actually decide on it
  • Tim to ask Rachel about dev summit schedule, number of rooms, time available for arch discussion, etc. Ask Rachel to attend next week's committee meeting about this.
  • Tim to ask Rachel and/or Robla about invitation lists
  • Brion to draft expansion email today
  • brion: flesh out Graph rfc w/ Yuri
  • Tim to write RFC on merging enhanced recentchanges with normal RC
    • Consider: paging sucks. Pure client-side possible?