Architecture Summit 2014/Service-oriented architecture




The main focus of the RFCs in the session is:

  • to see if mediawiki core can be visioned as a set of independent components / services each of which provide clean, well-defined, narrow APIs
  • provide a higher-level unified API interface for PHP code that can be used to make parallel requests to components / services without having to manually deal with issues like authentication

Big Questions[edit]

  • Besides what has already happened (Swift for media storage, Parsoid for bidirectional wikitext parsing), what specific functionality provided by mediawiki core can be isolated into independent components?
  • How does this kind of decomposition interact with mediawiki packaging and work for non-wikipedia installations?
  • ...


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  • 5-20 minutes - various lightning talks about the different proposals on the table
  • 40-60 minutes - discussion of big questions
  • Slides