Architecture Summit 2014/Retrospective


Wrapup / retrospective[edit]

Roan: I think what you've asked is for suggestions for next time. Are you also interested in what worked well this time? I really like the fact that we invited a bunch of people f
Trevor: We need to bring this online.
Mark H: While this fighting is good, people are interested in what's happening in MW. People want to know where we're going, not just fighting.
Isarra: Fighting is how you figure out where you're going.
Christian W: Thank you for having us. It wasn't clear how many RFC's we were looking to discuss, but I think there should have been way more. We should break the idea of an RFC as a stoic document. He would also like to see a list of crazy ideas. Wikia has built a bunch of crazy stuff. Owen/Christian: Missed opportunity. I'll shoulder some of the blame for that. Encourage people to surface ideas, read ideas early. Come equipped to really debate it.
Roan: Certain things about first time. Never as good as next time.
Quim: We cannot rely on summits to move the RFC queue. We have currently a list of about 80 RFCs open, 8 solved, 8 implemented...?, must be a way to at least go forward and do something with the low-hanging fruit. That page needs to move faster. Otherwise, not surprised no one's interested in pushing ideas through that process.
Aude: First want to say, thank you for inviting us, well organized, also been good that we started in Amsterdam, then Hong Kong, then IRC, would be great to have IRC continue. Look ahead to Zurich and Wikimania. Think about what we want to do next, next time we're together. Maybe an extra day for this.
James F: Should point out hackathon is all-day every-day.
Aude: Don't forget, problem suggestions are open.
Bryn: Marvellous site to apply for scholarship.
Sumana: Speaking of trips and scholarships and things. Sounded like there was some interest in figuring out how other projects manage this, so consider applying for those in order to do research.
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