Analytics/Research and Data/2014-15 Goals

see Wikimedia_Engineering/2014-15_Goals#Research_and_Data

Q1: Jul - Sep 2014[edit]

Primary goal[edit]

standardize baseline metrics

(italicized items are stretch goals as they have dependencies that we'll be able to assess throughout Q1, see the full list of metrics on Meta)

Secondary goals[edit]

topical research
  • anonymous acquisition (Growth)
    • #465 Anonymous A/B test #1 Yes Done
    • #559 Anonymous A/B test #2 Yes Done
  • Task suggestions (Growth)
    • #563 Qualitative similarity of morelike Yes Done
    • #573 Research questions for task recommendations Yes Done
  • mobile app adoption/traffic and participation trends (Mobile)
    • #375 Mobile trends @ Monthly Metrics Yes Done
    • #294 Mobile trends report on Meta Yes Done
    • #379 Mobile app traffic analytics Yes Done
  • predictive models of editor activation/survival
    • #344 Update revert data for enwiki @ beyond
      • Yes Done for enwiki

Staffing and team process[edit]

process & strategy
  • uplevel team process (prioritization sprints, project management)
  • finetune operating model (consulting vs embedded)
  • push on horizontal integration with other research teams (UX, grantmaking)
  • F/T fundraising research analyst on-board (new hire)
  • start recruiting for traffic research analyst position
  • aggregation/anonymization of traffic data (external collaboration)
  • topic extraction (contractor, depending on availability)

Q2: Oct - Dec 2014[edit]

Top Q2 departmental priorities

* Increase mobile web contributions and mobile app readership
** Make editing faster

Readership *
  • Finalize the new pageview definition, incorporating feedback from the first draft
  • Deliver a unique client definition and implementation proposal
  • Generate reports on readership trends from historical data, based on the new pageview definitions
  • Generate recurrent reports of session-based metrics (uniques, pv/sessions, sessions/user) for the Mobile Apps team
  • Start recruiting traffic researcher
Mobile microcontributions *
  • Instrumentation, experimental design and evaluation strategy for mobile microcontributions
  • Analysis of data collected from the first rollout of microcontributions on the beta site
  • Background analysis of knowledge gaps suitable for microcontributions
Performance **
  • Run a test on the impact of HHVM on newcomer engagement
  • Analyze the performance of editing interfaces
  • Support the team with the annual fundraiser push
Formal collaborations
  • start formal collaborations with external researchers under NDAs
Analytics Dev support
  • provide breakdown definitions (method/target site) for Vital Signs metrics
Product consulting
  • support other product areas (pending prioritization)

Q3: Jan - Mar 2015[edit]

Top Q3 departmental priorities

* Release and test two new reader-targeted contribution features on the mobile web: WikiGrok and Collections

Prototype revscoring service
Prototype other services to support mobile products (stretch)
Reporting pipeline
Finalize Unique Clients implementation requirements
Support the Dev team with the productization of Page Views reports
Continued responsibility for ad hoc traffic analysis and reports
Mobile *
Continue research support to WikiGrok and microcontributions
Research support for Project Gather (aka Collections)
Develop method for A/B testing with sampled data (stretch)
Develop proposal to run FR as a minimization problem
Formal collaborations
Wrap up first research project with Stanford (Improving linking structure)
Kick off second research project with Stanford (Increasing article coverage)
Continue to provide ad hoc support to other teams, pending prioritization
Continue work with Team Practices on team process and iterations

Q4: Apr - Jun 2015[edit]

Goals dependent on review and discussion of Product team initiatives