Analytics/Meetings/WikiMetrics Review with Grantmaking team

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WikiMetrics Meeting with GrantMaking for Initial UI Review[edit]


  • Analytics: Dan, Diederik, Evan, Toby
  • Grantmaking: Jaime, Jessie

Summary: Dan and Evan walked Jaime and Jess through the WikiMetrics UI and they provided some feedback

  1. We should add a separate cohort creation page as this is a very common use case for user.
  2. "Create a Job" is a misleading title. "Request a Cohort Report" is a slightly more verbose, but better title.
  3. We should colorize reports to show status with legends.
  4. We spend a lot of time discussing how to set parameters. I don't think we got to an answer, but established some areas for Dan and Evan to consider:
  1. There was a specific request for no hidden parameters as these are very confusing
  2. No editing the URL to add params
  3. Dan suggested we customize the metric rather than the parameter
  4. I think this will take some more iteration to get right
  1. There was a request to be able to run queries across namespaces and projects. I believe that namespaces was possible but projects was more difficult and was not in scope for the 7/27 release
  2. We all have an action item to figure out which login providers we can use. I believe a meeting has been set up with Legal for next week.