These are queries that people want to run, once the infrastructure exists.

  • [Commons-l] Institutional stats reports
  • What proportion of site vandalism comes from behind Tor proxies? Does it differ across wikis? Sharihareswara (WMF) (talk) 17:57, 18 December 2012 (UTC)[reply]
    • Comes or would come weren't they blocked by TorBlock? The lock and global block log on Meta would mostly answer the former, the latter seems impossible to answer by definition. --Nemo 05:30, 28 December 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  • What proportion of longtime logged-in editors have customized user scripts (JS or CSS in their userspace)? Question from Rachel Farrand. -- Sumana, 18 Dec 2012
  • What proportion of logged-in editors have activated any gadgets at all? What are the most popular gadgets? Sharihareswara (WMF) (talk) 17:57, 18 December 2012 (UTC)[reply]
  • What new communities have popped up in the last three months? That is: tell me about new clusters of conversation or activity (onwiki, in IRC, in Bugzilla, on the mailing lists), who's participating in them, and what the keywords are. Sharihareswara (WMF) (talk) 16:05, 24 March 2013 (UTC)[reply]
  • Are the edits that Teahouse users make qualitatively different from the edits non-Teahouse users make?
  • On Wikisource, do editors move from proofreading into other tasks, or do proofreaders just want to keep proofreading?

"it would begreat to take advantage of the opportunity to monitor changes in the sv-wpcommunity as a result of this massive automated article creation.For me it would be interesting to know:1) current perception in the community about automated articles correlatedwith the number of contributions by the person answering.2) impact of the newly created articles: views, human edits done to thosearticles (specially nr of bytes added), correlation with nr of previousedits3) changes in the community after 1 year, survey of new members, of those,how many registered after seeing a bot article vs how many after seeing ahuman-created article?4) some metrics about the article quality (maybe with AFT)" - wikimedia-l, David Cuenca (Micru), 18 June 2013