Amsterdam Hackathon 2014/Topics/Pre-edit4GWToolset


Pre-editing for Commons upload[edit]

There are things that could and should be done with the metadata *before* uploading materials to commons:

  • using templates
  • fixing dates (combine start and end date into timespan)
  • list depicted people and depicted places AND link them to Wikidata
  • add fields in different languages
  • clean description fields
    • Rename/combine tags to fit to categories.
  • combine fields
    • combine fields into filename
  • add standard texts for all files
  • Cut off long desriptions in a nice position to fit in the filename


Pre-edit4GWToolset is a template-centric, Wikidata-aware tool for editing metadata *before* uploading it to Wikimedia Commons with the GWToolset. The tool just outputs the XML for GWToolset and so it can be described as an external tool.

There are several possible data sources, but currently the aim is in Flickr materials and metadata in LIDO format.