Admin tools development/Global contributions tool


This page is just a draft of what such a tool should have / look like. No plans exist yet to actually write it ;)


Currently stewards and SWMT use a global contributions tool ([1], aka luxo's tool) to track IP addresses and users who are spamming/vandalizing cross-wiki. This tool should be put in an extension, which would make it faster and better supported. bugzilla:26957 is tracking this.


  • Work for both IP addresses and registered users (including non-global accounts)
  • Run from any wiki - Special:GlobalContributions should work everywhere, like Special:CentralAuth
  • Be fast and not kill the servers
  • Shows all edits, not just recent ones (revision table - not recentchanges)
  • Provide timestamp, page title + link, diff link, history link, edit summary, and whether the edit is still the current edit.
  • Display local block info if a user is currently blocked
  • ???

Would be nice to have[edit]

  • Ability to see deleted/suppressed edits, depending on access level (may be hard crosswiki)
    • If not, link to see deleted contribs
  • View contributions of IP ranges

Random code thoughts[edit]

  • For logged in users, we can optimize by only running the query where we know there are accounts that exist (CA's localnames table)
  • Look into something like CentralAuthUser::queryAttached / CentralAuthUser::localUserData