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Add design research recordings to Commons (how to)

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This page is a how to page, describing what is needed and the various steps it takes to properly attribute and transfer to open format and upload video recordings of Design Research to Wikimedia Commons in order to post the recordings on wiki instead of just linking to external third party repositories.

This process page is a start, and should be iterated as people go through it so we can refine it as we go, making it as easy to follow as possible.

Tools Required:[edit]

VLC (to change format from MP3 or other closed format to OGG/OGM


Commons has an upper limit of 100 mb., so this workflow involves fiddling to get file size below 100 mb. (have to fiddle with parameters)

Transferring files to different formats (for example from MP4 to Ogg/Ogm happens in real time, so prepare to wait for the length of the video being uploaded for the transfer to open format to complete.

How To Steps:[edit]

  1. download the video (from google drive or youtube) to local drive (your laptop).
  2. Open VLC
  3. look in downloads - find the file you just downloaded in VLC -
  4. in FIle menue go to “Convert stream” option
  5. drag and drop your file into “VLC” (Big arrow)
  6. you can see the file icon in VLC
  7. choose profile go to customize
  8. under encapsulation - choose Ogg/Ogm
  9. Under Video Codec - select Theora and set bitrate to 400 (may have to set it slower than that depending on file).
  10. Leave the reset of the settings here (Audio Codec - Vorbis - bitrate is 64 - channels =2, sample rate = 44100)
  11. Press “apply”
  12. Under Choose destination “save as file”
  13. save as - rename and save to your desktop to be able to find fast
  14. press save
  15. press save again in next box
  16. As soon as you press save, it is converting (you know it is converting by seeing tiny seconds moving as it works on the bottom of the page). It is converting in real time, so you will have to wait the time of the video.
  17. You know conversion is done when time code on bottom is 0:00, and full duration of video is shown next to title.
  18. test video by: selecting converted version of video (on desktop) and make sure it is below 100mb. and double click on it to see that the video is working (check both audio and video)
  19. Now that you know it is a good video, go to: commons
  20. On Commons, upload file like any other image (takes longer than an image)
  21. On the attribution page: select "I am owner "- and in notes add everyone who participated
  22. add interwiki links
  23. add categories (wikimedia foundation videos / wiki research)
  24. provide a descriptive title
  25. Save (need to check to see if the UI says "Save" or "Finish" or what)
  26. Copy the links, either or the wiki link or the url to use to share (on wiki or on web)the video you have now uploaded to Commons
  27. make sure video works (by playing it)
  28. add it to your watch list as commons doesn’t do that automatically