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The user can post questions regarding any Wikipedia article. To provide quick reference for the relevant article or diff, the user can enter the pertinent URL in the space provided. This question will duly be placed in the system and displayed to reviewers for handling and closing the issue.

Technical implementation details[edit]

This endpoint is for posting questions into the system. The template consists of a text space to type in the question’s content. It is then followed by a space to type in an optional url related to the question, which then shows up in the iframe below. Clicking on ‘Submit’ creates a file having a unique 9 digit code (the question id) followed by ‘q’. Subsequent hanling of this question is done by referencing this id. So even the answer, comments and diff files will have the same 9-digit code that was used for the question.

We have also added url checking functionality to the question’s content, which means any url in the question will automatically be highlighted when the question is displayed. This is done using a suitable regex matching expression for detecting url within texts. This functionality has been applied to all input text boxes in /anwer and /recommend as well.