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Equip your projects with free knowledge

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Free multilingual information
on Wikipedia and sister projects
Free images and media files
on Wikimedia Commons
Free structured data
on Wikidata
  • Extract, publish, edit, and monitor information in real time using the Wikimedia web APIs.
  • Analyze in detail our entire Wikimedia datasets.
  • Extend and contribute to hundreds of Wikimedia free software projects.


Page info in search results

Wikipedia Beta search on Android 4.4.4 2015-02-09.png

This shows the API results that search results use to display additional information about articles, including a lead image and a description of the article's subject from Wikidata.

Showing nearby wiki information

"Nearby" feature in Wikipedia beta Android app, cropped

This shows how to query the MediaWiki API for nearby articles

  • More: the WikimediaKiosk cycles through a variety of interesting projects and data visualizations.


Make requests and see results in the MediaWiki API Sandbox


Request content and metadata of Wikimedia articles with our REST API



  • The MediaWiki action API (documentation) is a collection of API modules on each wiki that let you query and manipulate its content.

 Click [Expand] to display the menu for the action API pages →

  • The Wikidata API (documentation) consists of several such modules running on Wikidata wiki that let you query and manipulate language-independent information.

There are many other ways to contribute to MediaWiki.