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Prefix: abf Required Rights: None POST Only? No

Show details of the abuse filters.


  • dir – The direction in which to enumerate.
Type: one of older, newer
  • endid – The filter id to stop enumerating at. Type: integer
  • limit – The maximum number of filters to list. Type: limit
  • prop – Which properties to get.
Type: one of id, description, pattern, actions, hits, comments, lasteditor, lastedittime, status, private
  • show – Show only filters which meet these criteria.
Type: one of enabled, !enabled, deleted, !deleted, private, !private
  • startid – The filter id to start enumerating from. Type: integer

Errors Codes[edit]

  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``title''.
  • invalidtitle – Bad title ``key''.
  • nosuchuser – User ``user'' doesn't exist.
  • permissiondenied – You don't have permission to view abuse filters.
  • readapidenied – You need read permission to use this module.
  • show – Incorrect parameter - mutually exclusive values may not be supplied.