2015 MediaWiki User Survey

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In an effort to answer the question, “Who is using MediaWiki?” the MediaWiki Stakeholders’ Group has organized a survey.

We wanted to hear from existing MediaWiki users and ask that you complete this short survey about your use of MediaWiki. The results of the survey will help by providing input that should influence the future development of MediaWiki. We also hope to grow the community of MediaWiki Users and improve involvement.

The preliminary results of this survey were anonymized and shared with the public at the MediaWiki Stakeholders' session at Wikimania 2015 and will be posted to MediaWiki.org at a later date. An anonymized data set will be available for download as well. This survey is separated into two parts and should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The survey closed on Friday, July 31st. Results have been published in a MediaWiki Usage Report


If you have feedback or suggestions regarding the survey itself, please leave a comment on the talk page. or contact mediawiki.org thank you cottrell samuel


Methods of distribution used and contacts can be found on 2015 MediaWiki User Survey/Distribution


We presented a preliminary analysis of the survey and related projects at Wikimania 2015.

Presentation slides on Commons

Here are the presentation slides on Google Docs.

A video of the presentation from Archive.org

Summary of Responses[edit]

A report containing a summary of responses can be found on the MediaWiki Usage Report 2015.


After letting the survey run for two weeks (July 15th to July 31st) we closed the survey to new responses. Below are some visualizations of the quantifiable data.

The complete report was published on the MW Stakeholders' page.


Another outcome of the survey was fortifying our prioritized list of most requested MediaWiki features for third-party users. This list was put together after feedback from MediaWiki users was combined with the most requested improvements from the survey. It is a work-in-progress, but does a sizable job in summarizing the improvements that would most benefit MediaWiki users - as described by active, current users.

Raw Data[edit]

A comma-separated list (csv) of the raw data can be found at Survey Results Anonymized.csv