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NOTE: Overview information on Wikipedia Zero has been moved to Talk page discussions should still take place on MediaWiki, along with engineering updates.

Please visit the Wikipedia Zero page on the Wikimedia Foundation site to learn more about this initiative, and please do email us for information on joining as a partner.

For information on Wikipedia Zero support within the 2014 updated releases of the Wikipedia apps for Android and iOS, see the Wikipedia Zero App FAQ.

Status[edit | edit source]


During the last month, the team worked on software architecture features that allow for expansion of the Wikipedia Zero footprint on partner networks and that get users to content faster with support for lowered cache fragmentation on Varnish caches. Whereas the previous system supported one-size-fits-all configuration for heterogeneous partner networks, inhibiting some zero-rated access, the new system supports multiple configurations for disparate IP addresses and connection profiles per operator. Additionally, lightweight script and GIF-ified Wikipedia Zero banner support has been added and is being tested; in time this should drastically reduce Varnish cache fragmentation, making pages be served faster and reducing Varnish server load. A faster landing page was introduced for "zerodot" (, legacy text-only experience) landing pages when operators have multiple popular languages in their geography. Work on compression proxy traffic analysis for header enrichment conformance with the official Wikipedia Zero configurations was also performed after more diagnostic logging code was added to the system. Finally, watchlist thumbnails, although low bandwidth, were removed from the zerodot user experience, as was the higher bandwidth MediaViewer feature for zerodot; mdot will have these features, though.

In side project work, the team spent time on API continuation queries, Android IP editing notices, Amazon Kindle and other non-Google Play distribution, and Google Play reviews (now that the Android launch dust has settled, mobile apps product management will be triaging the reviews). In partnerships work, the team met with Mozilla to talk about future plans for the Firefox OS HTML5 app (e.g., repurposing the existing mobile website, but without any feature reduction) and how Wikimedia search might be further integrated into Firefox OS, and also spoke with Canonical about how Wikipedia might be better integrated into the forthcoming Ubuntu Phone OS.

Routine pre- and post-launch configuration changes were made to support operator zero-rating, with routine technical assistance provided to operators and the partner management team to help add zero-rating and address anomalies. The team also continued its search for a third Partners engineering teammate.

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Tools[edit | edit source]

  1. Double-click/run the microemulator.jar file
  2. [optional] Options->Select device->Resizable device->Resize
  3. File->Open->mini4.jad or mini8.jad

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Please visit the Wikipedia Zero page on the Wikimedia Foundation site to learn more about this initiative, and please do email us for information on joining as a partner.

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