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NOTE: Overview information on Wikipedia Zero has been moved to Talk page discussions should still take place on MediaWiki, along with engineering updates.

Please visit the Wikipedia Zero page on the Wikimedia Foundation site to learn more about this initiative, and please do email us for information on joining as a partner.

Status[edit | edit source]


During the last month, with the assistance of the Ops and Platform teams, the Wikipedia Zero team added hosting for the forthcoming Partners Portal and continued work on image size reduction for the mobile web. Additionally, the team added Wikipedia Zero detection to the Wikipedia for Firefox OS app and added contributory features support for users on partner networks supporting zero-rated HTTPS connections. The team also removed search thumbnails for connections in order to avoid spurious charges on devices supporting high-end JavaScript yet using Analytics fields were added for the purpose of counting proxy-based and HTTPS-based connections. Routine pre- and post-launch configuration changes were made to support operator zero-rating, and technical assistance was provided to operators and the partner management team to help add zero-rating. The Wikipedia Zero automation testing server was also migrated. The forthcoming Android and iOS apps were also updated to make Wikipedia Zero detection a standard fixture.

Yuri continued analytics work on SMS/USSD pilot data. Post hoc analysis was performed on WML usage after its deprecation; it is still low, although obtaining more low-end phones to check for how well HTML renders and how to enhance the HTML could be useful. Post hoc analysis was also performed on anomalous declines and growth spurts in log lines (not strictly related to pageviews); in the former it much had to do with API changes and in the latter it had much to do with an external polling mechanisms.

With the assistance of the Apps team, User-Agent, Send App Feedback, and Random features were added to the forthcoming reboots of the Android and iOS apps, while making the Share feature for Android allow for a different target app each time and providing code review assistance on the Android and iOS apps code; proof of concept for fulltext search was started on iOS. Wikipedia for Firefox OS bugfixes were also pushed to production. Screencap workflows and preload information was put together for the Android reboot with respect to Wikipedia Zero as well.

The team worked with Ops on forward planning in light of the extremely infrastructure-oriented nature of the program. Quarterly review as held with the ED, VP of Engineering, and the W0 cross-functional team, and the W0 cross-functional team reviewed presentation material for publication. The team also continued work on additional proxy and gateway support. To help partner tech contacts, the team worked on reformatting the tech partner introductory documentation.

Finally, the team explored proactive MCC/MNC-to-IP address drift correction, and will be emailing the community for input soon.

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Please visit the Wikipedia Zero page on the Wikimedia Foundation site to learn more about this initiative, and please do email us for information on joining as a partner.

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