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Logo of the Wikibase software

Wikibase is the software that runs Wikidata.

  • Wikibase allows the collaborative editing of structured data on top of MediaWiki.
  • Wikibase is an open source project, and everyone is welcome to join in development.

More about Wikibase


Wikibase is an extension to MediaWiki, and relies on MediaWiki's features to provide all the functionality of a wiki – but for structured data.

This includes:

  • functionality to create and manage a knowledge base, including user-defined properties
  • mechanisms to access the knowledge base from other wikis and to update them on changes
  • a rich JavaScript-based UI
  • a data model that takes knowledge diversity and multilingual usage seriously
  • exports of the data in a number of formats like JSON, RDF/XML, N3, and YAML

On top of that, Wikibase adds:

  • full histories of all previous versions of the knowledge base, including by whom the change was made
  • a web-based interface with a number of features for wiki gardening, user security and identity, etc.
  • a platform known to be scalable for millions of readers and tens of thousands of editors
  • world-class internationalization and localization into more than 200 languages



Similar Projects

  • Semantic MediaWiki: widely used family of MediaWiki extensions for enabling to managed structured data in a wiki together with its text.