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Last updated: 2017-01-03.

 Current tranches

Tranche 0: Interrupt

Maintaining the production service at a suitable quality level:

  • No loss/corruption of existing article data
  • No loss/corruption of the user's contribution
  • No security issues
  • No regression in performance
  • No regression in usability

Tranche 1: Release support

Support community-requested releases/deployments, and urgent key usability improvements as they arise

  • Goal: Provide improvements to the Beta Feature of the wikitext edit mode — T142523
  • Goal: Provide a single edit tab interface, and switch all WMF wikis over to using it (without any other change in configuration) — T102398
  • Goal: Run an A/B test of providing the visual editor by default rather than the wikitext editor on clicking 'edit' for a small proportion of anonymous users on the English Wikipedia — T119269
  • Goal: Enable by default for all users on all Wikisources – T138966 for bugs, then T138391 for deployment

Tranche 6: Visual diffs

Provide an alternative to wikitext two-column diffs for users, in case they are not fluent in wikitext, and where it would be more appropriate. This covers:

  • Goal: Letting users choose between visual and wikitext views in the "Review your changes" tab inside the visual and new wikitext editors, on desktop and mobile — T143350
  • Goal: Letting users choose between visual and wikitext views in MediaWiki's diff page, on desktop and mobile — T105173
  • Exploring letting users "play" over the history of a page, seeing a stack of visual changes animate

Lower-priority tranches

Tranche 2: Mobile MVP

Improve VisualEditor for mobile tablets and phones to the point where it is credible to provide it by default

  • Goal: Support sub-documents inside the editor stack, and use this to support loading parts of the page asynchronously and only when needed — T76544
  • Goal: Load parts of the editor asynchronously and only when needed — T54365
  • Goal: Provide a way to edit parts of a page (paragraphs, tables, images) individually — T50429

Tranche 3: Language support

Expand VisualEditor's content language support

  • Goal: Enable by default for all users on the remaining, language-variant Wikipedias – T93388
    • Support for "language conversion" blocks in Parsoid – T43716
    • Design and provide an interface to editing "language conversion" blocks – T49411

Tranche 5: Rich media tools

Improve the editing of various 'rich' editing tools so that particularly-difficult tasks are simplified – specifically:

  • Images, including uploads (part of MediaWiki core),
  • Formulæ ("Math" extension),
  • Charts ("Graph" extension),
  • Galleries (part of MediaWiki core), and
  • Sheet music ("Score" extension).

Decision tree

Priority issues:

  • Functionality regression
  • Performance regression
  • Data corruption
  • Security issue
  • Crash of entire editor
  • Crash of bits of editor (e.g. copy & paste stops working)


  • Very common -> Unbreak now! if a priority issue, Normal if not
  • Common -> High if a priority issue, Normal if not
  • Sometimes -> Normal if a priority issue, Low if not
  • Rare / very rare -> Low if a priority issue, Lowest if not


  • On list for this quarter -> High
  • On list for this year -> Normal
  • On list for next year -> Low
  • Not on list -> Lowest

Former tranches, now complete

Note: Former goals in active and former tranches are not listed for brevity.

Tranche 4: Link editor tweaks

Improve the link editing experience

Active for "FY2016Q2" (completed in October–December 2015).