User:Brooke Vibber/roadmap notes


Short-medium term[edit]

Stuff we could probably get done this year that would be really nice.

  • Native support for HTTP/HTTPS dual-access sites
    • w/ option to direct all or some logins to HTTPS
  • Native support for multi-wiki sites
  • Native support for DB sessions and images (filesystem-permission-free install)
  • Kill manual config file editing:
    • New GUI-friendly config system
    • New GUI-friendly extension setup
  • Kill manual message page editing
    • GUI-friendly sidebar editor
    • GUI-friendly special chars editor
    • GUI-friendly edit toolbar editor
  • Drop XHTML 1 for HTML 5
  • Machine and GUI-friendly media metadata
  • Basic info store/retrieve
    • Subset of Semantic MediaWiki capabilities in mainline? (Need clean interface and scalable backend. Complex queries may be dangerous!)
      • Compare with RDF ext
    • Expose metadata via RDFa for spidering (check what Yahoo and Google support now, as well as the education-specialized search engines.)
    • Native geolocation store
      • API query interface for it
      • Special:Search near-location support (given coordinates or browser geolocation)
  • More integrated AJAX search helpers (username, category, title typeahead search)

Long-term stuff[edit]


  • Native support for multi-location cluster federation
  • New flexible templating language
  • Drop raw human-edited markup?