Universal Language Selector/Upcoming development plan

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Universal Language Selector re-enablement: next steps.

February-March 2014[edit]

Date Status/Progress
Week of January 20 2014
  • 2014-01-20: Patch to detect tofu in content before applying default fonts.
  • 2014-01-21: ULS disabled.
  • 2014-01-22: First patch for re-enabling uploaded.[1]
Week of February 10 2014
  • Code review by Ori done and addressed
  • Deploy [2] [3] [4]
    • restores the enableWebfonts preference that displays a checkbox in the ULS Language Panel to toggle availability of webfonts
    • new global variable $wgULSWebfontsEnabled can be used to configure if fonts will be loaded by default in the wiki. Default value is true, to load fonts. (set to false for Wikimedia wikis)
    • removed the uls-enable preference that was introduced recently to disable ULS across Wikimedia wikis (on 2014-01-21)
    • ext.uls.webfonts.js initialization was changed to load a minimal possible JS Library code for webfonts; remaining code is loaded when user makes additional requests
  • Update: Universal_Language_Selector/WebFonts#Font_detection for related UI changes
  • Analytics data collection: Get count of uls-enable preference values from 2014-01-21 to the day the above patch goes in production
  • Analytics assessment: Work with analytics team on impact assessment metrics and output requirements review
Week of February 17 2014
Week of February 24 2014
  • Analytics data collection: 2 week period from re-enablement of ULS completed for data collection for impact assessment
  • Event-logging for the tofu detection feature [5]
Week of March 3 2014
  • Analytics data collection
Week of March 10 2014
  • Analytics data collection
Week of March 17 2014
  • Analytics data collection
Week of March 24 2014
  • Analytics data collection
  • Analytics assessment