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de:Wikipedia:Meinungsbilder/Einführung persönlicher Bildfilter

Rosenkohl (talkcontribs)

Hello, the opinion poll de:Wikipedia:Meinungsbilder/Einführung persönlicher Bildfilter was held in the German Wikipedia from 25 August 2011 to 15 Septemeber 2011 about the proposal:

>>Personal image filter (filter which hide illustrative files on the basis of categories of Wikipedia and can be switched on and off by the reader, see the preliminary Design of the Wikimedia Foundation) despite the decision of the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation should not be implemented in the German Wikipedia, and nor should filter categories for files stored locally on this Wikipedia be set up.>>>>Persönliche Bildfilter (Filter, die illustrierende Dateien anhand von Kategorien der Wikipedia verbergen und vom Leser an- und abgeschaltet werden können, vgl. den vorläufigen Entwurf der Wikimedia Foundation) sollen entgegen dem Beschluss des Kuratoriums der Wikimedia Foundation in der deutschsprachigen Wikipedia nicht eingeführt werden und es sollen auch keine Filterkategorien für auf dieser Wikipedia lokal gespeicherte Dateien angelegt werden.<<
  • 260 of 306 users (84.97 percent) accepted the poll as to be formally valid.
  • 357 of 414 users (86.23 percent) did not agree to the introduction of a personal image filter and categories for filtering in the German Wikipedia.

The Mediawiki-software should comply to, or try to comply as much as possible to any valid opinion poll by the single projects of Wikimedia, as far as I know.

For the Mediawiki-software, this opinion poll means in the case that any personal image filter feature is implemented into the Mediawiki-software, that at the same time there should also be implemented an option for each single wiki to not activate this personal image filter feature if they don't want to. Further, any implementation of a personal filter feature in the Mediawiki-software should take into account that not every single Wikimedia project will host filter categories, and that there are projects which don't want to host such filter categories.


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