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Template documentation
Caution! Caution: This template creates a table rather than actual columns. This means that it displays poorly on mobile devices or narrow screens and is sub-optimal in terms of ccessibility. Many readers are using mobile devices and may have trouble reading the content that is wrapped in this template. Please consider using one of the CSS-based column templates, such as Template:Div col instead, or not using columns at all.

The {{col-begin}}, {{col-break}} and {{col-end}} templates control columns of text on a page:

  • {{col-begin}}: starts a table (followed by {{col-break}} for 1st column)
  • {{col-break}}: triggers the start of each column
  • {{col-end}}: ends the multi-column table.

The widths of columns can be specified by using various additional codes. See below for examples.


{{col-begin|width=70%}}: start table with width.
{{col-break|width=66%}}: start column-1 as 66% wide.
This is text in col-1.
{{col-break|width=33%}}: start column-2 as 33% wide.
Text column-2.

The table will have two columns, with column 1 twice (2×) the width of column 2.

A border of 2px (1px width on each side) corresponds to a 5%. Therefore, with a 2px border—for example, as in Wikipedia:Tutorial/Wrap-up and more info—the width needs to be 95% for the table to fit within the screen. Since it's possible that some tables might not have a border, correction on the individual page could be made after substitution. Another way to create a two column table is like this:

Left column
Right column
Column 1 here
Column 2 here
Column 3 here
Column 4 here
Column 5 here
Column 6 here


Here are some example codes that you can use to make columns of text in your wikipedia article. You can change the width of your columns by changing the code words that go between the text of your columns. Good luck!