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Phabricator Dashboards are specially designed home pages which can display a wide range of custom information. They can be created, managed and shared between users. Think of them as custom home pages for your teams.

Suggested uses:

  • Directing team members to the right projects
  • Displaying recently added tasks to the team's backlog
  • List tasks a user is assigned or is subscribed to
  • Replaces saved phabricator links, bookmarks or other external organization

To access the full list of dashboards, or make a new one, see phab:dashboard. (Or, click on "Applications" in the left navigation and then select "Dashboards" from the list of applications. You can also search for "Dashboards" in the basic search field in the upper right of any page.)

Phabricaotr Maniphest search for dash.png

In the main Dashboard list, you will find all dashboards as well as the "Create Dashboard" button.

Phabricator Maniphest main dashboard list.png

Note: dashboards are shared with all users by default. Only the original creator can change access levels.

How to create a Dashboard[edit]

Clicking on the "Create Dashboard" link will give you options for an empty Dashboard or a simple one. Empty Dashboards encourage you to play with panels and give you more sharing options right off the bat.

When making an empty Dashboard, you will be prompted to name it and select sharing options. Be mindful of your dashboard name choice. Searching for dashboards in the main list can be difficult if several are named similarly.

Set "Editable By" to your account and/or members of your team (if the widgets on the dashboard are supposed to be a shared responsibility). Due to spammers we do not recommend to set it to "All Users".

Phabricator create new dashboard UI.png

Adding and adjusting Panels[edit]

There are 2 types of Panels, Queries and Text.

Text panels allow the user to add any text or formatting that is allowed in task text boxes. Here is an example of a list of projects:

Phabricator Creating a new text panel.png

And the result:

Phabricator Created new text test panel.png

notice the mix of text and clickable links to projects.

Query panels require a few more settings. You also need to create a pre-saved search/query in Maniphest before creating this panel.

Phabricator Creating a new query panel.png

If your query produces a certain data type (like tasks), you MUST select that option in the "Search for" field. This is the only way your pre-saved searches in Maniphest will show up in the query field options.

Editing a Dashboard[edit]

If you need to go back and edit a dashboard, you must select it from the main list. When it has loaded, click the "Manage Dashboard" link. This is the only way to get into the edit mode.

Phabricator Manage a dashboard.png


There is an example dashboard available here:

name: Example Dashboard or training

You will find a text panel with FR-tech information and 3 query panels with varying amounts of information. Users can copy this dashboard and deconstruct the panels to see how they are put together.

Below is an example text panel for the FR-tech team. It provides general information about who is on the team and which projects to look for. You could use this panel to direct teams to key wiki pages or other external locations as well. This is also a great option for global information, reminders or other information that does not fit into single tasks.

Phabricator Example text panel.png

Below is an example of a query. This particular query looks at any new backlog tasks created after a certain date. This could help a PO scan for new items to triage. Think of the query panel as a way to monitor a data set or certain user actions. If Maniphest can search for it, you can watch it here.

Phabricator Example test query panel.png