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List of icons[edit]

This page lists the set of icons (Maki) as they appear on Wikimedia Maps.

Note: Some icons are not available and the coordinates do not matter. (See task T141304).

Maki Icons
aerialway airfield airport alcohol-shop america-football art-gallery bakery bank bar baseball basketball beer
bicycle building bus cafe camera campsite car cemetery chemist cinema circle circle-stroked
city clothing-store college commercial cricket cross dam danger dentist disability dog-park embassy
emergency-telephone entrance farm fast-food ferry fire-station fuel garden gift golf grocery hairdresser
harbor heart heliport hospital ice-cream industrial land-use laundry library lighthouse lodging logging
london-underground marker marker-stroked minefield mobilephone monument museum music oil-well park parking parking-garage
pharmacy pitch place-of-worship playground police polling-place post prison rail rail-above rail-light rail-metro
rail-underground religious-christian religious-jewish religious-muslim restaurant roadblock rocket school scooter shop skiing slaughterhouse
soccer square square-stroked star star-stroked suitcase swimming telephone tennis theatre toilets town
town-hall triangle triangle-stroked village warehouse waste-basket water wetland zoo


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