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Users: $wgReservedUsernames
List of account names that cannot exist.
Introduced in version: 1.6.4 (r13646)
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: array of strings
Default value: see below

Other settings: Alphabetical | By Function

Details[edit | edit source]

Array of usernames which may not be registered or logged in from. Maintenance scripts can still use these. Extensions can use the UserGetReservedNames hook to add to this array.

Default value[edit | edit source]

Current version[edit | edit source]

as of wmf1.20, September 2012

$wgReservedUsernames = array(
	'MediaWiki default', // Default 'Main Page' and MediaWiki: message pages
	'Conversion script', // Used for the old Wikipedia software upgrade
	'Maintenance script', // Maintenance scripts which perform editing, image import script
	'Template namespace initialisation script', // Used in 1.2->1.3 upgrade
	'ScriptImporter', // Default user name used by maintenance/importSiteScripts.php
	'msg:double-redirect-fixer', // Automatic double redirect fix
	'msg:usermessage-editor', // Default user for leaving user messages
	'msg:proxyblocker', // For Special:Blockme

Prior to 1.13[edit | edit source]

The double redirect fixer has been added in 1.13.

Prior to 1.9.0[edit | edit source]

Prior to 1.9.0, the following default value was present:

$wgReservedUsernames = array( 'MediaWiki default', 'Conversion script' );
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