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Users: $wgReservedUsernames
List of account names that cannot exist.
Introduced in version: 1.6.4 (r13646)
Removed in version: still in use
Allowed values: array of strings
Default value: see below
Other settings: Alphabetical | By function


Array of usernames which may not be registered or logged in from. Maintenance scripts can still use these. Extensions can use the UserGetReservedNamesManual:Hooks/UserGetReservedNames hook to add to this array.

Default value[edit]

Current version[edit]

as of wmf1.20, September 2012

$wgReservedUsernames = array(
	'MediaWiki default', // Default 'Main Page' and MediaWiki: message pages
	'Conversion script', // Used for the old Wikipedia software upgrade
	'Maintenance script', // Maintenance scripts which perform editing, image import script
	'Template namespace initialisation script', // Used in 1.2->1.3 upgrade
	'ScriptImporter', // Default user name used by maintenance/importSiteScripts.php
	'msg:double-redirect-fixer', // Automatic double redirect fix
	'msg:usermessage-editor', // Default user for leaving user messages
	'msg:proxyblocker', // For Special:Blockme

Prior to 1.13[edit]

The double redirect fixer has been added in 1.13.

Prior to 1.9.0[edit]

Prior to 1.9.0, the following default value was present:

$wgReservedUsernames = array( 'MediaWiki default', 'Conversion script' );