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Following are the detailed impressions (subject to change if there is further engagement in future) on the 4 stories from the Football Unheard series:

Total Organic Impression: 1127757 (1M+)

Total Engagement: 40620 (40K+)

Total Likes: 6877 (6K+)

Total Retweets: 1754

Football Unheard Series Impressions
A long standing record of English Football and a heritage ghat of Kolkata Impressions: 243,692

Total engagement: 8589

Detail expands: 3085

Media engagements: 2683

Likes: 1529

Retweets: 358

What does the shirt of this Brazilian football club reveal about 15th century Calicut? Impressions: 87343

Total engagement: 1840

Detail expands: 792

Media engagements: 142

Likes: 497

Retweets: 138

How an orphan boy from Benares went on to score a goal in the FA Cup final Impressions: 64081

Total engagement: 1562

Detail expands: 552

Media engagements: 282

Likes: 450

Retweets: 105

How a refugee from Rangoon became a goal-machine like no other Impressions: 732641

Total engagement: 28629

Detail expands: 8661

Media engagements: 12106

Likes: 4401

Retweets: 1153

Indian Roller bird- Nilkanth Impressions:

Total engagement:

Detail expands:

Media engagements: